Dr. Joseph Siegle

Director of Research

siegle_02Dr. Joseph Siegle directs the Africa Center’s research program, which produces the Center’s Africa Security Briefs, Research Papers, and Special Reports with the aim of generating policy relevant analyses that contribute to addressing Africa’s security challenges. Dr. Siegle’s research focuses on the relationship between governance, security, and  development; stabilization of fragile states; democratic transitions; and strengthening institutions of accountability. Prior to joining the Africa Center, he was a Douglas Dillon Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, a senior research scholar at the University of Maryland’s Center for International and Security Studies, and a senior advisor for democratic governance at DAI. He also previously served in various field capacities in Africa, Asia, and the Balkans with the international NGO, World Vision, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer. Dr. Siegle has a Ph.D. in international security and economic policy from the University of Maryland School of Public Policy and an M.A. in agricultural economics, with an emphasis on African food security, from Michigan State University.

Areas of Expertise

Democratization, Stabilization of Fragile States, Africa Security Trends, Security and Development, Countering Violent Extremism


Email Dr. Siegle

+1 202-685-6808

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