Managing Security Resources in Africa 2.0

Photo: David Stanley

Beyond the technical aspects of resource management, the Africa Center’s Managing Security Resources in Africa program aims to ensure that a country’s national security goals are achieved through better management of scare security resources.

One of the Africa Center’s longest-running academic programs, Managing Security Resources in Africa seeks to:

  • Enhance capacity among Africa’s civilian and military officials responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of security sector budgets
  • Promote the adoption of best practices for the management of security resources across Africa, with effective democratic oversight
  • Identify key policy, institutional and capacity gaps
  • Stimulate innovative thinking in the areas of policy development, process efficiency, and practical research
  • Inform policy debate relating to the allocation and utilization of national resources

2018 Managing Security Resources in Africa: Professional Development Symposium

2017 Managing Security Resources in Africa 2.0 Program Materials