Security-Development-Governance Nexus

Tea pickers in Kenya's Mount Kenya.Pic by Neil Palmer

The project examines strategic-level implications of the mutually-reinforcing relationship between economic development prospects and persistent insecurity in Africa’s fragile states. Key themes include:

  • Exploring causality and the role of security institutions in Africa;
  • Implications for citizen-centric security;
  • The role of defense institutions in mainstreaming citizen-centric security; and
  • The articulation and measurement of end-states for fledgling democracies.

The two-day forum involves renowned scholars and senior practitioners who evaluate the relevance of the development-security nexus for sustainable stability and equity in Africa, glean relevant lessons from empirical case studies, and outline recommendations that would help defense policy and institutions promote citizen-centric security. The policy forum socializes results with the U.S. interagency in a bid to enhance the efficacy of security assistance to Africa. The bilateral workshops allow Africa Center faculty to support defense institutions in selected African countries evaluate opportunities and challenges in this field.