Xi Jinping with African flags

(Photo: ISS.)

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies has undertaken a series of analyses tracking China in Africa.

Refaçonner l’autonomie de l’Afrique dans ses relations avec la Chine


Reshaping African Agency in China-Africa Relations

By Paul Nantulya
March 2, 2021

The interests of African citizens can be strengthened in investment deals with China by ensuring agreements are transparent, technical experts are involved, and the public is engaged.

China Promotes its Party Army Model in Africa


China Promotes Its Party-Army Model in Africa

By Paul Nantulya
July 28, 2020

China’s party-army model, whereby the army is subordinate to a single ruling party, is antithetical to the multiparty democratic systems with an apolitical military accountable to elected leaders adopted by most African countries.

Yun Sun discussing China's One Belt One Road


“China Also Has to Win”: A Discussion with Yun Sun on One Belt, One Road in Africa

October 17, 2019

In an interview with the Africa Center, China expert Yun Sun offers a look at Beijing’s engagement with Africa and African governments’ evolving expectations of their relationship.

Addis Ababa–Djibouti Railway


Implications for Africa from China’s One Belt One Road Strategy

By Paul Nantulya
March 22, 2019

China’s Belt and Road Initiative forges intertwining economic, political, and security ties between Africa and China, advancing Beijing’s geopolitical interests.

La Grande stratégie et la montée en puissance du pouvoir d’influence de la Chine en Afrique


Grand Strategy and China’s Soft Power Push in Africa

By Paul Nantulya
August 30, 2018

China is doubling down on its soft power initiatives in Africa as part of China’s Grand Strategy to tap emerging markets, shape global governance norms, and expand its influence.

Xi Jinping at Forum on China-Africa Cooperation


Pursuing the China Dream through Africa: Five Elements of China’s Africa Strategy

By Paul Nantulya
April 6, 2017

China’s expanding involvement in Africa is an integral piece in President Xi Jinping’s grand strategy to restore the country to its perceived rightful place of global prominence.

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