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South Sudan

Country in Focus   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on September 28, 2016

A selection of Africa Center analysis of the ongoing drivers of the conflict in South Sudan, and priorities for establishing peace and stability.

South Sudan: Options in Crisis

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on September 21, 2016

“South Sudan is not on the brink of state failure. South Sudan is not in the process of failing. South Sudan has failed,” Africa Center Director Kate Almquist Knopf testified before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the crisis in South Sudan.

Getting to the Root of the South Sudan Crisis

Spotlight   published by Paul Nantulya on August 1, 2016

Reestablishing stability in South Sudan will require addressing the fundamental drivers of the recurring conflict. Civilian actors who derive their legitimacy from means other than guns need to be given a voice. This should be complemented by peacemaking processes at the community level, demilitarization at a societal level, and security sector reform countrywide.

To Save South Sudan, Put It on Life Support

Spotlight   published by Princeton Lyman and Kate Almquist Knopf on July 20, 2016

South Sudan has failed to create the basic institutions of a state, resulting in civil conflict and a massive humanitarian catastrophe. Temporary external administration is required to restore South Sudan’s sovereignty.

South Sudan Ceasefire: Fundamental Drivers Must be Addressed

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on September 23, 2015

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies convened a seminar with South Sudan conflict mitigation experts to discuss the prospects of the recently signed ceasefire agreement and the priorities for establishing stability in the world’s youngest state.

Adjunct Prof. Almquist Knopf Testifies to U.S. Senate on South Sudan Crisis

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on January 10, 2014

On January 9, 2014, Kate Almquist Knopf, Former USAID Assistant Administrator for Africa and then-adjunct professor (now director) at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on the volatile situation in South Sudan, assessing the current crisis and offering several recommendations both for short- and long-term gains.

Ask the Expert: Kate Almquist Knopf on South Sudan

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on October 9, 2013

Kate Almquist-Knopf, then-adjunct professor (now Director) of the Africa Center, provides an overview of South Sudan’s struggle to establish a government that enjoys popular legitimacy and is accountable to its citizens.

Fragility and State-Society Relations in South Sudan

Africa Center Research Paper No. 4   published by Kate Almquist Knopf on September 30, 2013

In the process of recovering from a ruinous civil conflict, Africa’s youngest country faces the threat of renewed conflict, localized ethnic-based insurgencies, a deepening humanitarian crisis, and weak governance structures. Underlying all of these challenges are a weak national identity and fragile state-society relations. Trust and confidence in the government can be generated through a concerted effort to build inclusive coalitions of state and nonstate actors, expand independent media, and construct a rules-based, accountable foundation for the new state.

Africa’s Contemporary Security Challenges

Program Materials  

This Africa Center program explores the changing demographic, economic, and environmental factors that may pose security challenges now or in the near future.