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Including Young People for Peace and Security: A Discussion with AU Youth Envoy Chido Mpemba

African Union Youth Envoy Chido Mpemba calls for demystifying the security sector for youth and listening to young people’s perspectives to strengthen the continent's peacebuilding.

There are approximately 840 million Africans under the age of twenty-five. This cohort of young people—representing almost one in eight people in the world—is disproportionately affected by, but currently underrepresented in, decisions about security and peacebuilding.

The Africa Center spoke to the African Union’s Youth Envoy, Ms. Chido Mpemba, about the need to bring young people around the table and to have their voices heard on initiatives for peace and strengthening national security strategies. She shared perspectives from her conversations with the continent’s youth and about promising programs that the African Union and its partners are pursuing to expand platforms for youth voices on security matters.

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