Date of Inception:

October 18, 2003

Number of Members:


Chapter Events :

  • TOPS Symposium on Regional Cooperation in Counter-Terrorism: Trans-Sahel Countries and Human Rights and Human Security (April 2011)
  • TOPS Symposium on The Concept of “Army-Nation” and The Role of Different Actors of Society in the Democratic Process (October 2009) [Article 1]
  • Capacity Building Workshop on Vision, Mission, Goals Development for the Chapter. 2009
  • Topical Outreach Program (February 2008)
  • TOPS Symposium on National Security Strategy Development. 2007
  • LINTLOCK- EUCOM/SOCCEUR Exercise for Community Members (Sept 2007)
  • TOPS Symposium on National Security Strategy Development/AFRICOM (February 2006)
  • Conflict Management Conference (September 2005)
  • Chapter Reunion Meeting (June 2005)
  • General Assembly (July 2004)
  • Chapter Launch (October 2003)

Recent Promotions:

Colonel Djingarey Touré – Mali – 20 May 2008: Colonel Djingarey Touré has been named by the President of the Republic of Mali to the post of Secretary General of the Grand Chancellery of National Order. A former army officer, Colonel Touré has recently retired from the Malian Armed Forces in February 2008. Colonel Touré has been an active member of the Mali Community Chapter (AMACESA), and has been serving as Acting Chapter President since 2005. Colonel Touré participated in both the 2002 Health and Security Conference in Dakar, Senegal, and the 2007 Inaugural Community Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

Lieutenant Colonel Salifou Coulibaly – Mali: 14 December 2007: Lieutenant Colonel Salifou Coulibaly has been recently redeployed as a Permanent Instructor at the ‘Alioune Blondin Beye’ Peacekeeping School in Bamako, Mali. He previously served as Chief of Staff of the 4th Military Region based in Kayes. Lieutenant Colonel Coulibaly participated in the 2007 Next Generation of African Military Leaders Course in Washington, DC.

United States Department of State Background Note – Mali