South Sudanese holding a sign reading "We Need Protection"

South Sudan has failed to create the basic institutions of a state, resulting in civil conflict and a massive humanitarian catastrophe. Temporary external administration is required to restore South Sudan’s sovereignty.

David Kilcullen Discusses Counterinsurgency Lessons for Africa

Counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen discusses the importance of security sector and societal resiliency in Africa in the face of population-centric insurgencies.

Africa’s Active Militant Islamist Groups

Map of Africa’s Active Militant Islamist Groups

Although it garners much attention, ISIS has a limited presence in Africa, often working through pre-existing groups with their own agenda. A review of attacks by militant Islamist groups in Africa over the past 12 months highlights both the variation of groups involved and their relative geographic concentration.

South African police

Stress-Testing South Africa: The Tenuous Foundations of One of Africa’s Stable States

Political violence in South Africa indicates the country’s potential fragility. Reversing emerging political violence and loss of public trust will require breaking up the intertwining of political authority and economic opportunity.

YALI 2016

YALI Fellows Participate in Security Simulation at the Africa Center

The Africa Center for Strategic Studies welcomed 25 Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellows to conduct a one-day simulation focused on solving some of Africa’s pressing security concerns.

Topic in Focus: Combating Organized Crime
Rhino bandaged

Wildlife poaching in Africa has become a threat to regional security, with organized criminal networks increasingly seeking to exploit the profit potential and utilize vast preexisting trafficking networks, particularly in Southern Africa. Solutions will require cooperation between international, national, and local law enforcement; increasing the quality and number of high-level investigations and prosecutions; and addressing corruption within the state, police, intelligence, and conservation agencies.

elephant poaching

The link between wildlife poaching and terrorism and instability is often discussed but rarely documented. This investigative piece maps the precise trail of an illicit ivory tusk from southeastern Central African Republic deep into Sudan. It also highlights the complicated calculus behind Joseph Kony’s LRA, national militaries, and other poachers as they kill elephants for meat, cash, or future insurance, as well as the impact on local populations and park rangers.