Managing Security Resources in West Africa Workshop

Academic Program

February 12–15, 2024

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Information Note

Program Overview

Presented by:

Dr. Joel Amegboh



Session 1

Africa’s Evolving Security Landscape: Security, Development, Governance Nexus

Presented by:

Dr. Lori-Anne Théroux-Bénoni
Director for West Africa, the Sahel and the Lake Chad Basin, ISS

Dr. Abdou Lat Gueye
Former Director, ECOWARN


  • Describe the links between development, security and governance and the areas of overlap and convergence.
  • Understand the role of resources in the security-development-governance nexus.
  • Discuss lessons from development programming that could apply to the management of security sector resources.
Session 2

Trends in Resources Availability and Security Sector Expenditure

Presented by:

Dr. Nan Tian
Senior Researcher and Acting Programme Director for the Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme, SIPRI

Dr. Raymond Gilpin
Chief Economist and Head of the Strategy, Analysis and Research Team at the Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP


  • Analyze the trends in security spending in
  • Assess the drivers of spending patterns in Africa’s security
  • Examine strategies for effective management of security sector resources for both security and economic
Session 3

Aligning Security Sector Resources with National Security Strategies

Presented by:

Dr. Joel Amegboh
Assistant Professor for African Security Studies, Africa Center for Strategic Studies

Dr. Fairlie Chappuis
Independent Consultant


  • Understand how resources are mobilized and allocated for the development of national security strategy and its
  • Probe how national security strategy development helps in aligning resources (internal and external) and leveraging partnerships (regional and international) to achieve national security
  • Discuss the challenges and lessons learned for effective allocation and alignment of security resources through national security strategies.
Session 4

Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Resource Mobilization

Presented by:

BG (ret.) Saleh Bala
CEO, White Ink Consult

Dr. Willene Johnson
President, Komaza Inc.


  • Discuss systems and approaches necessary for strategic planning, budgeting and their relevance to the security sector in Africa.
  • Present different types of budgets and the main steps in the budgeting cycle and how they are linked to national security strategies.
  • Discuss the necessary institutional reforms measures to enhance revenue mobilization in the security sector in Africa.
Session 5

Public Expenditure Management in the Security Sector

Presented by:

Dr. Luka Biong Deng Kuol
Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Africa Center for Strategic Studies

Dr. Gary Milante
Program Director and Focal Point for the Global Registry of Violent Deaths Initiative, SIPRI


  • Introduce the concept of Public Expenditure Management (PEM) and its link with Public Expenditure Policy (PEP) and Public Financial Management (PFM).
  • Examine the desired outcomes of the PEM in the security sector.
  • Discuss the rationale for a Public Expenditure Review (PER) of the security sector and its implications for promoting the achievement of the desired outcomes of the PEM.
Session 6

Security Sector Oversight Mechanisms and Institutions

Presented by:

Colonel (ret.) Jerome Bouadi
Technical Advisor, National Security Council of Côte d’Ivoire

Dr. Catherine Lena Kelly
Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Justice and Rule of Law, Africa Center for Strategic Studies


  • Explore how effective oversight of the security sector enhances democratic control, accountability, and
  • Demonstrate the need to improve information flows between civilian authorities and military officials while also building capacity on both sides.
  • Build on understanding institutional framework for oversight.
Session 7

Building External Partnerships

Presented by:

Ms. Amanda Dory
Director, Africa Center for Strategic Studies


  • Discuss the role of the external security partners and their effectiveness in supporting the management of security resources and delivery of security and safety in Africa.
  • Analyze and understand potential costs and benefits of external
  • Describe how best to enhance and coordinate external security assistance to advance national security priorities and objectives in Africa.