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Veneers of Governance: Lessons from Liberia’s Growing Vulnerability

Recommended research   published by Gregory Coleman and Ben Spatz, ENACT Research Paper Issue 32 on June 30, 2022

As presidential elections approach, Liberia’s increasing vulnerability to instability and economic crisis is evident. Indeed, Liberia’s position across a range of governance indicators has declined since 2015.

Priorities for Security and Justice during Liberia’s Transition

Spotlight   published by Alix Boucher on January 2, 2018

The incoming administration of Liberian President-elect George Weah will need to address numerous pressing challenges related to the country’s security and stability. This is all the more critical as the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) is drawing down and plans to depart the country in March 2018, after 15 years in country.

A Decade of Police Reform in Liberia: Perceptions, Challenges and Ways Ahead

Recommended research   published by Franzisca Zanker, Centre for Security Governance on September 30, 2015

Police reform has been ongoing in Liberia since 2003. Yet the robust plans regularly receive only half the necessary funding. While security agencies, civil society actors, donors, and other international actors sometimes supplement shortfalls, their competing interests have also hindered decisive, forward-moving progress at times. An unexpected Ebola outbreak in 2013 only complicated efforts. The... Continue Reading

Why the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights Matters

Spotlight   published by Sègnonna Horace Adjolohoun and Paul Nantulya on July 8, 2024

Despite limited enforcement capacity, the African Court provides an avenue for redress when national judiciaries are unable to dispense justice, underscoring its instrumental role in promoting norms and standards of conduct on the continent.

China’s Strategy to Shape Africa’s Media Space

Spotlight   published by Paul Nantulya on April 16, 2024

China’s ruling party is leveraging its funding of African media outlets, content sharing, and training of African journalists to advance Chinese narratives, policies, and norms on the continent.

Africa’s Interests in Strengthening the United Nations System

Spotlight   published by Paul Nantulya on August 14, 2023

African countries have played an overlooked role shaping the UN international system, remain committed to preserving and improving it, and oppose efforts to destabilize, dismantle, or overturn it.

African-Led Peace Operations: A Crucial Tool for Peace and Security

Spotlight   published by Nate D.F. Allen on August 9, 2023

African-led peace operations have been vital tools for managing Africa’s complex array of security challenges, though continued reform is needed to intervene more decisively in the continent’s most devastating conflicts.