Securing Legitimate Stability in the DRC: External Assumptions and Local Perspectives

Indian contingent of MONUSCO in Goma, Congo.

Indian contingent of MONUSCO in Goma, Congo. (Photo: MONUSCO)

Surveys and interviews conducted in South Kivu examine the roles of the Armed Forces of the DRC (FARDC), MONUSCO, as well as NGOs and local militias in facilitating lasting peace. While MONUSCO has assisted the FARDC in stemming the militia threat, Congolese do not see a future for the mission in their communities and express frustration at what they perceive as inadequate responses to their security concerns. Many in conflict-stricken areas see the state as the principal security provider, despite considerable reservations about the FARDC. Phasing out MONUSCO and ensuring continued decentralization through local elections would strengthen the legitimacy of the state and its security forces and promote accountable governance.

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Security Topics:  Peacekeeping