Africa Center Research Paper No. 7

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Assessing Motivations and Attitudes of the Next Generation of African Security Sector Professionals

By Kwesi Aning and Joseph Siegle

April 11, 2019

Survey Results

A total of 742 African security sector professionals from 37 countries responded to the quantitative survey during the April 1–21, 2017 time period. The results for each question are included below. More detailed analysis follows in the Analysis section of this report.

Q23. Nationalities of Respondents

The survey recorded a high response rate from the West African region. Of the total survey respondents, 71 percent were from West Africa, 15 percent were from Southern African countries, 8 percent were from Eastern Africa, and 6 percent were from Central Africa. Senegal had the highest number of respondents with (14 percent) of the total, followed by Mali (with 13 percent) and Nigeria (with 10 percent).

Respondents were born between 1947 and 1992 with a median of 1974. This result represents considerable age diversity among the respondents, providing a solid base from which to draw out comparative observations between generations. For purposes of analysis, the respondents were grouped into four evenly-sized age quintiles:

  • Age Cohort #1: ages 54–70
  • Age Cohort #2: ages 46–53
  • Age Cohort #3: ages 39–45
  • Age Cohort #4: ages 25–38