Developing Local Strategies to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) in Africa

Virtual Academic Program

January 25–February 16, 2022

 English | Français | Português

Information Note

Session 1  |  January 25, 2022

Understanding the rationale for local CVE action plans

Presented by:

  1. Ms. Angela Martin
Session 2  |  February 1, 2022

Designing and drafting a local CVE action plan

Presented by:

  1. Mr. Dominic Pkalya
  1. Mr. Eric Rosand
Session 3  |  February 8, 2022

Implementing a local CVE action plan

Presented by:

  1. Ms. Imen Belhedi
  1. Ms. ‘Kemi Okenyodo
  1. Ms. Patricia Crosby
Session 4  |  February 15, 2022

Challenges and lessons learnt from the Kenyan county action plan (CAP) model

Presented by:

  1. Dr. Halkano Abdi Wario
  1. Ms. Martine Zeuthen


  • Discuss some key principles of public financial management and democratic governance in the security sector and why are they so important during uncertainty and crisis.
  • Share challenges of introducing and implementing the principles of public expenditure management and resources mobilization in the security sector, particularly in off-budget/military businesses, payroll and procurement.
  • Examine the lessons learned and best practices for effective implementation of public expenditure management and mobilization of security resources in Africa.