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Fundamental Security Challenges Nigeria Must Face, Part 2: Nigeria’s Faultlines

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on April 3, 2015

Part 1: Identity Part 2: Nigeria’s Faultlines Part 3: Extremism Part 4: Boko Haram Part 5: Strategies for combating extremism Part 6: Military professionalism Part 7: Maritime security Part 8: Governance Nigeria’s most talked about faultline is the economic and social imbalance between the relatively underdeveloped, historically marginalized and mainly Muslim north, and the wealthier,... Continue Reading

Fundamental Security Challenges Nigeria Must Face: An 8-Part Series

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on March 26, 2015

After a hard-fought and competitive election, Muhammadu Buhari became Nigeria’s 4th democratically elected president. Observers from around the world commended Nigeria for the smooth transition between rival political parties. Nigerians, neighboring countries, and international actors alike are now expectantly watching to see how Nigeria manages the many challenges facing Africa’s most populous country and largest economy.

No Time for a Learning Curve: Nigeria’s Crucial Success against Ebola

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on November 12, 2014

As soon as it discovered the presence of a sick Ebola patient, Nigerian authorities declared a national public health emergency, enabling Nigeria’s Ministry of health to establish the Ebola Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a “war-room” that fostered collaboration between Nigerian government officials, medical professionals, and international advisers. This was a crucial step in allowing the country to tap into the resources and experience of international and regional partners.

Africa Center Dean Discusses Security Implications of Recent Drop in World Oil Prices for Nigeria

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on November 5, 2014

Increased U.S. oil production in 2013 and 2014 resulted in a sharp drop in world oil prices from triple digits at the start of 2014 to $83 per barrel by the end October. While this drop is welcome news for consumers, it could have dire economic, political and security challenges for strategic oil-producing nations, like... Continue Reading

Boko Haram Reveals Complex Divisions within Nigeria, Scholars Say at Africa Center Roundtable

Spotlight   published by Serge Yondou on December 18, 2013

The multifaceted nature of militant groups in northern Nigeria such as Boko Haram, as well as a lack of clear understanding of the factors that drive regional extremism, reflects larger aspects of Nigeria’s struggle for unity, a panel of scholars told the audience at a roundtable organized by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on... Continue Reading

Boko Haram and the Isolation of Northern Nigeria: Regional and International Implications

Boko Haram’s violent campaign for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria has led to the growing isolation of this region. Trade in Kano, the economic hub of the north, is estimated to have been cut by half in recent years. Roughly $15 billion worth of annual trade and two million traders from neighboring countries used to flow through Kano. As Boko Haram’s violent attacks have increased, fewer traders are crossing the border to take the risk. This coincides with a stream of  businesses leaving northern states from Borno to Kaduna for greater stability in the south. Boko Haram’s high-profile kidnapping of French tourists in February 2013 accelerated the plunge in travel in the region. Internet and cell phone access have similarly been restricted due to Boko Haram’s bombing of 24 base transceiver stations belonging to at least six telecommunications companies in the northeast. 

Mitigating Radicalism in Northern Nigeria

Africa Security Brief No. 26   published by Michael Olufemi Sodipo on August 31, 2013

Mitigating radicalism, in northern Nigeria as elsewhere, requires a sustained approach targeting every stage of the radicalization spectrum.

Emerging Security Sector Leaders

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This three-week, in-person seminar is designed to facilitate participants’ engagement in interdisciplinary peer learning about strategic and adaptive leadership and its implications for the effective management of African security challenges.