ChapterSenegalPhotoDate of Inception:

October 20, 2003

Number of Members:


Chapter Events :

  • TOPS Conference (November 19, 2011) [Article 1][Photos]
  • Chapter Conference with Government of : Maritime Safety and Security (July 2011)
  • Chapter Conference: Role of Parliament in Security (October 2010)
  • TOPS Symposium: Migration and Security (July 2010)
  • Senegal Round Table: The Role of the Military in Human Security: the Case of Senegal (June 2009)
  • TOPS Symposium: Roles of AFRICOM and ECOWAS in West Africa (November 2008)
  • TOPS Symposium on 2 topics: 1. Military Media Relations; 2. Democratic Control of the Civil Sector (July 2007)
  • Chapter Launch (October 2003)

Recent Promotions:

November 2010 – Mr. Mamadou Kane, a Senior Adviser for Foreign Affairs, has been nominated to the rank of Ambassador. Ambassador Kane participated in the 2009 Senior Leaders Seminar. (Promoted March 2010).

November 2010 - Lieutenant Colonel Chekh Wade has recently been promoted to Colonel. He is currently serving at Head of the Operations Cell for the AU Mission in Somalia. Colonel Wade attributes his new post in part to his participation in the 2007 Next Generation of African Military Leaders Course, where he received the General Fulford Award. Colonel Wade was selected as recipient of the award based on his intellectual achievement, personal values, and leadership potential. General Fulford was the Director of the Africa Center during 2003-2006.

November 2010 - Capitain Oumar Baila Kane has been promoted to rank of Admiral. Admiral Kane has participated in a number of ACSS programs, including the Maritime Security for African Consultative Session (2009); the African Defense Attaché Program (2004); the Health and Security Seminar (2002); and the Washington Policy Symposium (2001).

November 2010 - Mr. David Hervé Ludovic de Lys, previously the Head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination fo Humanitarian Affairs for West/ Central Africa (OCHA) is now serving as the Representative of OCHA to the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mr. de Lys participated in the seminar on Enhancing Conflict Management in Central Africa in 2004.

November 2010 – Commandant Diouma Sow has been promoted to the rank of Major. Until mid-November, Major Sow served in Côte d’Ivoire as Deputy of the Force Provost Marshall. Major Sow participated in the 2005 Junior Officers Counterterrorism Fellowship Seminar.

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