Date of Inception:

September 24, 2005

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Chapter Events :

  • TOPS Symposium on Disaster Management/ Disaster Risk Reduction and Integrating Disaster Management into National Security Strategy (July 2010)
  • TOPS Symposium on National Security Strategy: Development and Priorities, Media and Military Security; 3. National Security Strategy: Development and Priorities (June 2009)
  • Chapter Launch: 24 September 2005

Recent Promotions:

November 2010 – Brigadier General Youssouf Ahamat Tyera, has retired and is currently working on his doctoral thesis on Strategic Planning for African Petroleum Companies at the Free Mediterranean University of Tunis (UMLT). In January, General Tyera (ret.) will present a paper on Demographics, Youth, and Social and Political Stability for the Moroccan Africa Center for Strategic Studies. General Tyera participated in the 2007 Senior Leaders Seminar.

Previous Programs

United States Department of State Background Note – Chad