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Advanced Area Studies 201 Workshops (AFRICOM/CJTF-HOA/MARFORAF)


This advanced-level seminar provides a thorough examination of leading security issues in Africa, including governance challenges, transnational threats, and engagement by the United States and other external actors on the continent. Each seminar session includes a presentation from a subject matter expert who will raise key issues and themes and facilitate discussion among participants. As an... Continue Reading

Effective Counter-Insurgency (COIN) Strategies in Africa


The program examines COIN strategies within the context of African security sector institutional capacity and work to identify African-driven problem-solving approaches to address conflict, violence, and instability that are having a negative impact upon the security of the state and the populace.

Security-Development-Governance Nexus


This project examines strategic-level implications of the mutually-reinforcing relationship between economic development prospects and persistent insecurity in Africa’s fragile states.

Security Sector Transformation in Challenging Contexts


The state of insecurity on the African continent, especially in post-conflict countries, has led to numerous questions about how best to provide and enhance security at the national and sub-regional levels. The Africa Center's security sector transformation and reform (SST/R) workshops provide a forum for assessing the trajectories of post-conflict and transitioning societies towards security.