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Climate Change and Security in Africa

Africa is projected to suffer the greatest effects of global warming of any region in the world. More and longer-lasting heat waves, drought, flooding, and hurricanes have already impacted millions of Africans and disrupted livelihoods.

These disruptions and the resulting decreased viability of arable land are reshaping Africa’s security environment. Of particular concern for efforts to combat climate change are threats from land pressure and illegal logging in the Congo Basin, the world’s second most important carbon sink.

This public roundtable assessed the range of climate-related security pressures on the continent and the importance of incorporating environmental security into African security policy.


  1. Dr. François Engelbrecht
    Climate scientist, University of Witwatersrand’s Global Change Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa
  2. Mr. Andrew Mambondiyani
    Freelance contributor on climate change and climate refugees in Africa for the Thompson Reuters Foundation
  3. Dr. Ebimboere Seiyefa
    Lecturer, Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria, examining links between climate change and organized criminal groups
  4. Dr. Oluwole Ojewole
    ENACT Coordinator for Central Africa Organized Crime Observatory, assessing priorities for protecting the Congo Basin


  1. Dr. Joseph Siegle
    Director of Research, Africa Center for Strategic Studies


Reports Shared during Roundtable:

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