Other Reads on Africa Security Trends

Africa’s Irregular Security Threats: Challenges for U.S. Engagement

By Andre Le Sage, Institute for National Strategic Studies, 2010

African states face a wide array of unconventional threats that generally are transnational and interconnected. The many domestic militant groups, international criminal enterprises, and democratic governance and institutional deficits common across the continent require multi-dimensional strategies bounded by the rule of law, vigorously implemented by African leaders, and continually supported by international partners.

Africa: Confronting Complex Threats

By Kwesi Aning, International Peace Institute, Sep. 2009

Africa’s security challenges are increasingly defined by fragmentation of political authority, mounting political influence of armed sub-state actors, and increased vigilantism. The reliance of nonstate combatants on external sources of funding and logistical support, meanwhile, underscores that peace and security on the continent is closely linked to the cooperation of contiguous countries.

Africa 2008–09: Retrospective Look at the Past Year and Forecast for the New Year

Institute for Security Studies, 2009

Good overview of the breadth of current security challenges and flashpoints on a subregion by subregion basis. Thoughtful, informative, balanced, accessible, and policy relevant.

Africa: Many Hills to Climb

By Michelle Sieff, World Policy Institute, 2008

The author makes thoughtful predictions on what Africa will look like in 25 years, with attention paid to security, al Qaeda, democracy, and economics.