Washington Diplomatic Seminar

AED 2014

This seminar is designed to acquaint D.C.-based embassy personnel with defense and security, public affairs, or political portfolios, particularly those who are newly assigned to Washington, with the structures and workings of the U.S. Government. It will also enhance familiarity with U.S. security and development policies and programs pertaining to Africa. The seminar presents an overview of the various structures, procedures, and responsibilities of the U.S. government; the formulation of U.S. foreign policy; U.S. policies and programs in Africa; the impact of public opinion on these processes; and the ways in which African countries work with the United States to address security challenges on the continent.

The seminar will succeed only with honest analysis and productive dialogue. To achieve this end, the Africa Center utilizes academic tools to promote frank and open dialogue on critical issues and to lay the foundation for the development of effective peer networking. To facilitate your discussion, we have provided an academic syllabus and recommended readings. We encourage you to challenge the analyses and content in all the material we provide. Please remember that, unless specifically noted, the readings are not reflective of official U.S. government policy. Rather, the readings are intended to foster a healthy dialogue on the policy making process in Washington, D.C. and relevant U.S. programs and to promote enhanced partnerships to address security challenges. As with all Africa Center programs, this seminar will be conducted under a strict policy of non-attribution, which is binding during and after the seminar.

Upon completion of the seminar, you will join more than 8,000 individuals with at least two things in common: a shared concern for issues regarding the future of Africa’s stability and security; and participation in an Africa Center program. We will work actively with you and all members of the Africa Center community to build upon the dialogue begun here and to build further a sense of partnership in the pursuit of our common interests in a prosperous, peaceful Africa.

2019 Washington Diplomatic Seminar Program Materials