Taking Stock of African Peace Operations: The Multinational Joint Task Force

Webinar on Thursday, September 9, 2021 (1200–1315 GMT)
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Webinar Objectives

This online conversation will:

  1. Expand understanding of the Multinational Joint Task Force compared to other kinds of peace operations.
  2. Discuss the Multinational Joint Task Force’s strategic successes, challenges, and lessons learned.
  3. Identify broader lessons and recommendations from the experience of the Multinational Joint Task Force to inform the further development of African regional security architecture


Brigadier General (Ret.) Saleh Bala
President, White Ink Institute for Strategy Education and Research (WISER)

Dr. Remadji Hoinathy
Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies (ISS)

Dr. Dorina Bekoe
Research Staff Member, Africa Program, Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. Daniel Eizenga
Research Fellow, Africa Center for Strategic Studies