Senior Leaders Seminar

SLS 2016
The Senior Leaders Seminar provides a forum for senior military officers and civilian officials from African countries, the United States, and the international community to critically evaluate Africa’s evolving security environment, examine national and regional strategies for addressing current and emerging challenges, and options for productive collaboration and partnerships in Africa’s security sector. The seminar has four objectives:

  • Better align U.S. and African priorities by critically evaluating the key security challenges facing the continent, from both African and U.S. perspectives
  • Examine the nature and scope of current and emerging issues confronting African states, taking into account both human and traditional security concerns
  • Identify appropriate strategies to address security challenges confronting African states by taking advantage of the wealth of experience from the participants
  • Reinforce the value of regional cooperation in addressing Africa’s security challenges by establishing a network of security professionals

2017 Senior Leaders Seminar Program Materials