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Africa’s Evolving Cyber Threats

Spotlight   published by Nathaniel Allen on January 19, 2021

African governments face a fast-evolving array of digital threats from espionage, critical infrastructure sabotage, organized crime, and combat innovation.

Understanding Africa’s Emerging Cyber Threats

Program Materials  

The Africa Center's cyber programming aims to expand understanding of the key challenges of digital technology on national security, how cyber threats are likely to evolve in the coming decade, and what this means for security sector actors across the Africa.


Academic programs aim to generate strategic insights and analyses that can inform practitioners and policymakers on Africa’s security challenges.

Assessing Africa’s 2020 Elections

Spotlight   published by Joseph Siegle and Candace Cook on January 28, 2020

African elections in 2020 will be a test against efforts to erode presidential term limits and other democratic checks and balances, with direct consequences for stability on the continent.