Date of Inception:

May 15, 2004

Number of Members:


Chapter Events:

  • TOPS Symposium (January 2011) [Article 1][Article 2][Article 3][Photos]
  • TOPS Symposium (November 2009) [Article 1][Photos]
  • TOPS Symposium (February 2008) [Photos]
  • General Tchemo DLP (February 2006)
  • General Foglesong DLP (August 2005)
  • General Wald DLP (August 2004)
  • Chapter Launch (May 2004)

Chapter President:

Colonel Gabriel Metogo Atangana

Recent Promotions:

Colonel Hubert Onana is the new Air Defense Attaché at the Cameroon Embassy in Washington, D.C. He will be serving in this capacity for three years. Prior to this position he served as an instructor at the National Defense Staff College in Yaoundé. Colonel Onana participated in the Next Generation of African Security Sector Leaders Seminar in 2009.

Captain Emmanuel Belinga Ella was initially commissioned in the Military Staff of the Navy in Yaoundé, but is now part of the personal staff of the President of the Republic (Department of Military Affairs). He has served in this capacity since June 2009. He was promoted to the rank of Commander as of January 1, 2011. Commander Ella participated in Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea Workshop in March of 2006 and The Maritime Security Ministerial Symposium in November 2006.

United States Department of State Background Note – Cameroon