Artificial Intelligence and Africa’s Security Landscape


September 21, 2023

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The Africa Center for Strategic Studies organized an academic webinar to explore the security implications for Africa of the spread of artificial intelligence (AI). The webinar examined AI’s capabilities, limitations, security implications, and what these implications imply for African government and security sector actors.

Webinar Objectives

  • Expand understanding of what artificial intelligence (AI) is, as well as the capabilities and limitations of current AI-powered technologies.
  • Discuss how AI is impacting Africa’s security landscape and consider how the continued advancement of AI is likely to shape security outcomes in the future.
  • Explore how African security sector officials, governments, and non-governmental stakeholders can work collectively to mitigate the downsides, risks, and security challenges associated with AI.

Recommended Reading


Dr. Nate Allen
Associate Professor of Security Studies, Africa Center for Strategic Studies


Ms. Nokuthula Olorunju
Attorney and Researcher

Mr. Abdul Hakeem Ajijola
Chair, African Union Cyber Experts Group