Lessons Learned from CVE in Central Africa


May 18, 2023

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The Africa Center for Strategic Studies will convene a webinar that provides an in-depth look at the origins, aims, drivers and connections of the Congolese branch of the Islamic State’s Central Africa Province (ISCAP-DRC), locally known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). The analysis will consider dynamics in the group’s composition, its modi operandi, affiliations as well as political and economic factors that have enabled it to persist.

Webinar Objectives

  1. Examine the composition, motivations and objectives of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).
  2. Analyze the political, social and economic context that affect ADF’s behavior and strategy vis a vis governments, criminal actors, and civilian population.
  3. Gain insights into the most relevant approaches to understanding and diagnosing the key VE actors in their contexts.

Recommended Reading

Richard Chelin and Mohamed Daghar, “Organized crime in Africa / Expansion of the Allied Democratic Forces should worry East Africa,” ENACT, June 7, 2022.

Onesphore Sematumba and Nicolas Delaunay, “A “Deal with the Devil” in the Heart of the Great Lakes,” Crisis Group, June 29, 2022.


Dr. Anneli Botha

Mr. Dino Mahtani


Dr. Anouar Boukhars