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Togo Revises Constitution to Eliminate Term Limits: An Explainer

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on April 23, 2024

The ruling party’s revision of the Togolese Constitution eliminates universal suffrage for the presidency while effectively shifting to a parliamentary system that evades presidential term limits.

Examining Togo’s Implausible Election Results

Spotlight   published by Alix Boucher on March 2, 2020

Despite opposition counts showing they won 72 percent of the vote, Faure Gnassingbé was declared the winner of Togo’s presidential election, advancing his bid to continue his family’s 53-year rule.

Five Issues to Watch in Togo’s Presidential Election

Spotlight   published by Alix Boucher on February 14, 2020

Popular demand to end the 50-year rule of the Gnassingbé family puts the spotlight on Togo’s authoritarian practices and ECOWAS’s vow to uphold democratic norms.

Recalibrating Coastal West Africa’s Response to Violent Extremism

Africa Security Brief No. 43   published by Daniel Eizenga and Amandine Gnanguênon on July 22, 2024

Coastal West African countries can strengthen resiliency to the threat of violent extremism by enhancing a multilayered response addressing local, national, and regional priorities.

Pan-Africanism Reborn?

Spotlight   published by Paul Nantulya on March 19, 2024

Pan-Africanism's long legacy as a framework for ending colonialism and advancing peace, people-based democracy, and human rights remains as vital as ever for reclaiming citizen agency.

Regime Capture of the Courts in Africa

Spotlight   published by Paul Nantulya on February 27, 2024

By co-opting apex courts, incumbents bent on regime survival can entrench themselves in power while maintaining what their citizens consider to be sham democracies.

Unresolved Conflicts Continue to Drive Africa’s Food Crisis

Infographic   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on October 16, 2023

An estimated 82 percent of the record 149 million Africans facing acute food insecurity are in conflict-affected countries underscoring that conflict continues to be the primary driver of Africa’s food crisis.