Special Reports

On certain fast evolving strategic developments, ACSS will generate Special Reports that attempt to raise awareness of the issues faced, assess the challenges, and review possible courses of action.

  • Advancing Stability and Reconciliation in Guinea-Bissau: Lessons from Africa's First Narco-State

    By Davin O'Regan and Peter Thompson, Africa Center for Strategic Studies, June 2013 official-bringing-out-the-parcels-of-drugs-during-search Large quantities of cocaine have flowed through Guinea-Bissau for nearly a decade, accelerating a cycle of coups and crises that demonstrate the broad threats posed by narco-trafficking in Africa. The direct involvement of military and political leaders in the trade has also hollowed out state structures, creating a significant obstacle to stabilizing the situation. Addressing these challenges will require fundamental reforms to the presidency, a top-heavy military, and international counter narcotics cooperation.

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  • Africa and the Arab Spring: A New Era of Democratic Expectations

    By Africa Center for Strategic Studies | November 2011 senegal_anti-Wade_protests-300x199

    Military coups in Mali and Guinea-Bissau and the persistence of “big-man” politics have renewed questions over the viability of democratic governance models in Africa. These developments have overshadowed a deepening institutionalization of democratic processes in Africa over the past decade. The Arab Spring, likewise, sparked a broader debate about the legitimate claims on authority across the continent. These crosscurrents reflect an ongoing struggle for governance norms in Africa that will require active engagement from African reformers and international partners to sustain Africa's democratic trajectory.

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