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Message from the Acting Director on the Africa Center’s 15th Anniversary

The Africa Center is unique among the five Department of Defense regional centers in that its creation was announced by a U.S. president (President Clinton during a visit to Senegal in 1998) as part of a comprehensive national security strategy.

Africa Center Hosts Outreach Symposium with Zambia Partners

Three events on March 25–27 hosted by ACSS in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, the Dag Hammarskjöld Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (DHIPCS), and the ACSS Zambia alumni community brought together about 60 mid- to senior-level military, civilian and police professionals.

The Fashion Industry, Female Entrepreneurs and Fiscal Regimes in Conflict-Affected Regions

ACSS’s Dean Dr. Raymond Gilpin analyzes the outcome of research conducted by USIP, considers policy implications and provides a few recommendations.

“Comprehensive Approaches Required”: A Review of Africa Center Research on Terrorism

The Africa Center, through its various programs, continues to bring together African, American and European civilian and military professionals to discuss the dimensions of violent extremism and possible solutions.

Statement on the Situation in South Sudan by ACSS Adjunct Faculty Kate Almquist Knopf

Given before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, January 9, 2014.

Africa Center Co-Hosts Symposium in Gabon on Regional Maritime Safety and Security Cooperation

The event was part of the Africa Center’s Topical Outreach Program Series (TOPS), which allows ACSS to maintain an active network of relationships with community groups in nations across Africa.

“Partners not Enemies”: ACSS Hosts Media & Security Sector Program in Liberia

The academic outreach visit included in-depth presentations on the relationship between the news media and security institutions, as well the media’s role in security sector reform.

Africa Center Supports U.S. Navy’s Regional Security Education Program

Adjunct faculty and former ACSS dean Dr. Monde Muyangwa provided strategic-level instruction on security and political-economy considerations in the Horn of Africa, onboard aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush Feb. 15 to March 4, 2014.

ACSS’s Dr. Jebnoun Highlights Key Security Issues in Sahel

Dr. Noureddine Jebnoun authored an article titled “Changing Security Dynamics in North Africa and Western Sahel,” recently published in the Portuguese Journal of International Affairs, No. 8 (Spring/Summer 2014).

Senior French Officers Visit Africa Center, Discuss Maritime Security

A delegation of the Security and Defense Cooperation Directorate of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Africa Center on February 27, 2014.