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2017 Africa’s Contemporary Security Challenges || Program Materials

Welcome Presenter: Col. (ret.) Daniel Hampton (Slides) 1. Contemporary Security Trends Presenter: Dr. Raymond Gilpin (Slides) Recommended Reading: Jakkie Cilliers, “Future (im)perfect? Mapping conflict, violence and extremism in Africa,” Institute for Security Studies, ISS Paper 287 (October 2015): 1–24. Fragile States Index, 2017 Annual Report. Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, “Real-time Analysis of African Political... Continue Reading

Criminality in Africa’s Fishing Industry: A Threat to Human Security

Africa Security Brief No. 33   published by André Standing on June 6, 2017

Conflicts of interest within Africa's fisheries sector enable unsustainable exploitation by foreign fishing firms and undercut the political will needed to build more robust surveillance and prosecutorial capacity.

Maritime Security in the Western Indian Ocean: A Discussion with Assis Malaquias

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on May 26, 2017

The Indian Ocean is a vital conduit for trade. It's also a domain where security threats, including piracy, trafficking, and illegal fishing, thrive. Former Africa Center professor Assis Malaquias reflects on its relevance to national security in Africa.

Fundamental Security Challenges Nigeria Must Face, Part 3: Extremism

Spotlight   published by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies on April 10, 2015

Part 1: Identity Part 2: Faultlines Part 3: Extremism Part 4: Boko Haram Part 5: Strategies for combating extremism Part 6: Military professionalism Part 7: Maritime security Part 8: Governance Extremist interpretations of Islam by marginalized communities in Nigeria have strong resonance as an avenue to address perceived injustices and economic inequalities. The dangers of... Continue Reading

Lessons from Burundi’s Security Sector Reform Process

Africa Security Brief No. 29   published by Nicole Ball on November 30, 2014

Burundi’s SSD program proactively addresses the politics of reform at the policy and operational levels, and can inform other African SSR initiatives.

Wildlife Poaching: Africa’s Surging Trafficking Threat

Africa Security Brief No. 28   published by Bradley Anderson and Johan Jooste on May 31, 2014

Surging demand for ivory and rhino horn, mainly in Asia, has put wild African elephants and rhinoceroses on the path to extinction. More than an environmental tragedy, however, wildlife poaching and trafficking has exacerbated other security threats and led to the co-option of certain African security units. African states need to develop a broad range of law enforcement capabilities to tackle what is effectively a transnational organized crime challenge. Asian and other international partners, meanwhile, must take action to reduce runaway demand for wildlife products.

Next Generation of African Security Sector Leaders


The Africa Center conducts an annual three-week program for mid-level African security sector professionals. This program addresses the roles and responsibilities of professional military and other security sector officers in democratic societies, and enhances leadership skills to more effectively address current and future security challenges.

Other Reads on Regional and International Security Cooperation

Recommended research   published by Africa Center on January 1, 2000

The China-Africa Toolkit: A Resource for African Policymakers By South African Institute for International Affairs, 2009 In addition to $100 billion in annual two-way trade, China provides $13 billion in assistance and supports several peace operations in Africa. To better shape this relationship in a form that enhances and sustains development Africa’s policymakers should familiarize... Continue Reading