Burkina Faso


Date of Inception:

October 15, 2004

Number of Members:


Chapter Events:

  • TOPS Symposium on Drug Trafficking: Impact on Peace and Security, Disaster Management/ Disaster Risk Reduction and Creating an Argument for Peacekeeping and Peace Building (July 2010)
  • TOPS Symposium on The concept “Army-Nation” and The Role of Different Actors of Society in the Democratic Process (August 2009)
  • European Union Program: 2006-2008
  • Topical Outreach Program: November 2008
  • TOPS Symposium on Military Media Relations, Democratic Control of the Civil Sector November 2008: TOPS Symposium Role of Military in Peacekeeping and Promotion of Democracy (July 2007)
  • Peace and Security Conferences: 2005, 2006
  • Chapter Reunion Meeting: June 2005
  • Chapter Launch (October 2004)

Recent Promotions:

November 2010 – Colonel Remy Jean de Dieu Kabore has recently been promoted to Colonel (1 October 2010). Currently in Darfur until August 2011, Colonel Kabore is Chief of Operations for the Burkina Faso Battalion (800 troops). Colonel Kabore participated in the 2010 Next Generation of African Military Leaders Course.

Previous Promotions

United States Department of State Background Note – Burkina Faso