Other Reads on Electoral Security

DR Congo: 24 Killed since Election Results Announced

By Human Rights Watch, December 2011

Congolese security forces, particularly the presidential guard, have killed and detained dozens of civilians prior to recent presidential elections and during subsequent protests against the results. The deployment of the presidential guard, however, appeared to violate Congolese law. The election has undercut the legitimacy of the government and the stability this would bring the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Strategies to Prevent and Manage Electoral Violence: Considerations for Policy

By Kristine Höglund and Anna K. Jarstad, ACCORD, June 2010

Free and fair elections are vital components of strategies to foster enduring stability. However, attempts to intimidate voters or manipulate elections through violence by political incumbents and challengers alike are frequent in Africa. Mechanisms to monitor campaigns, mediate emerging disputes, and coordinate institutional roles and responsibilities can foster safe and lively participation in elections and enhance respect for their results and democratic norms more generally.

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