Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist


The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist develops, manages, coordinates, executes, and evaluates the Africa Center’s admissions program. He/she tracks policies and legislation that may impact admissions and coordinates the nomination and admissions process with mid- to senior-level personnel across the interagency, international and sub-regional organizations, and with U.S. Embassy officials in Africa. He/she performs all duties and responsibilities relating to the processing of applications and nominations, provides explanations to inquiries on admission procedures, and coordinates the acceptance or rejection of participants to center programs. He/she provides data and strategy input in admissions for the center’s leadership team and faculty and recommends waivers of qualification criteria as warranted. The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist provides support as necessary to coordinate travel arrangements for participants.

The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist assists with participant registration. He/she must be able to obtain information, provide guidance and instructions, craft invitations, and speak about admissions policies and programs in both English and French. He/she supports the planning and execution of Africa Center outreach activities for the purpose of creating and sustaining enduring relationships, including special events and VIP visits.

The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist represents the Africa Center at conferences concerned with admissions, registrar functions, and other activities. He/she prepares and conducts briefings for and provides information to visiting members of the U.S. government regarding admission policies, procedures, and program information. The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist is responsible for maintaining a network of relevant contacts in the field and maintaining and updating databases with key stakeholder information.

The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist processes and compiles data to fulfill internal and external reporting requirements. He/she oversees the preparation of statistics and reports on participant and applicant characteristics, course enrollment, and other admissions related topics. He/she is responsible for database input, as well as the maintaining and safeguarding of official participant records, as well as their release and utilization.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications (Required)

  • Possess an earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education.
  • Fluency in French. The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist will be interacting with foreign government officials on a near-daily basis and must have the requisite oral and written communication skills in both languages to represent the Africa Center. All candidates will be assessed to make sure that they have near-native level fluency.
  • Possess expertise in basic statistics and data management tools, including Excel, to carry out customized data processing and presentation. Capabilities should include: capturing and recording data; using shortcuts and formula functions; building charts and graphs; sorting and filtering data. In general, the incumbent should be able to visualize and manipulate data and carry out customized data processing and presentation.
  • Possess organizational skills and initiative to manage multiple tasks and deadlines and effectively respond to changing priorities. Capabilities should include: ability to set goals, plan strategies, schedule and coordinate work with others, and integrate planning efforts across work units to meet organizational goals.
  • Ability to develop comprehensive knowledge of Africa Center administrative functions, policies, procedures, and processes required for the recruitment, registration, and engagement with new program participants as well as alumni and stakeholders.
  • Possess interpersonal skills sufficient to interact with individuals at all levels of authority, as well as exercise tact and diplomacy when dealing with representatives of foreign governments and foreign nationals to effectively deal with sensitive circumstances issues in a professional manner.

Qualifications (Desired)

  • Knowledge of African political, socio-economic, and cultural information environments to effectively engage with target audiences and stakeholders and support program planning and implementation.
  • Knowledge of U.S. foreign policy and security objectives related to Africa to support Africa Center outreach program planning and execution, both domestically and abroad.
  • Experience working with DSCA database systems to include SANWEB and RCPAMS.
  • Experience working on the African continent.
  • Experience serving in a U.S. Embassy.
  • Protocol training and experience.
  • Fluency in Portuguese.

Conditions of Employment

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident.
  • Limited overseas travel may be required in sometimes remote location, some of which require malarial prophylaxis and other medications or immunizations ? estimated to be not more than 3-5 trips per year for no more than 1-2 weeks per trip.
  • The Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist position with Africa Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University, as provided under Title 10 authority, is governed by 10 USC? 1595 and NDU Instruction 1416.01, dated 24 March 2017.
  • Incumbent must be able to pass a background investigation for this position.

Please apply here: USAJOBS – Alumni Outreach Engagement Specialist

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