• Western Sahara: The Failure of “Negotiations without Preconditions”

    By Anna Theofilopoulou, United States Institute of Peace | April 2010rasd

    The tenuous stalemate between the Polisario Front of the Western Sahara region of Morocco and the national government has fueled tensions with regional rival and Polisario-supporter Algeria and perpetuated human rights abuses and low-intensity conflict.  The “negotiations without preconditions” approach to resolve the standoff has made little progress, allowing each side to retain its original, mutually-exclusivist solution. African neighbors and other international actors must exert more pressure on both sides to push for progress on a dispute that is destabilizing the North and West African regions.

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  • Constitutional Reform in Morocco: Reform in Times of Revolution

    By Abdellah Tourabi, Arab Reform Initiative | November 2011morocco_protest A recent constitutional reform process initiated by Morocco’s king in response to the “Arab Spring” protest movements that emerged in neighboring North African states received overwhelming approval in a popular referendum. The eventual reforms codified important rights and freedoms, broadened the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, but did not reduce the powers of the King, who remains at the centre of Moroccan political life. Vocal opposition movements, including many youths, continue to voice support for a genuine parliamentary monarchy.

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