Africa’s Contemporary Security Challenges (ACSC)

Sep 2014: Africa's Contemporary Security Challenges

Africa’s Contemporary Security Challenges is designed to equip U.S. Government practitioners with a better understanding of the complexities of Africa’s security landscape in order to contextualize their work on U.S.-Africa policy and programs. The seminar provides an overview of the African security landscape, detailed information about key challenges and regions, and material on the actors and partnerships critical for enhancing security on the continent. This seminar will also prompt reflection on future trends and the strategies necessary to overcome implementation challenges. Throughout this interactive seminar, participants—who come from a variety of different U.S. Government agencies—will be encouraged to share their experiences and departments’ perspectives and approaches. Coupled with structured networking opportunities, the discussion fostered by this seminar will contribute to a whole-of-government approach to U.S.-Africa policy.

The seminar expects the following outcomes:

  • Improved understanding of current, emerging, and future security threats in Africa
  • Enhanced appreciation of the complexities of Africa’s security environment and the ways in which historical legacies inform contemporary security issues
  • Expanded awareness of the policies and programs of U.S. agencies and departments operating in Africa and the challenges of implementation
  • Peer-to-peer networking and the sharing of lessons learned and best practices

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