Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC CENI headquarters

Photo: Monusco.

This series analyzes the ongoing challenges to the democratic process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and how various actors and institutions will shape the outcome.


Part 1: A Looming Calamity in the Democratic Republic of Congo

September 13, 2016

The DRC appears to be on a slow-motion path to tragedy. After 15 years in office, President Joseph Kabila will fulfill his term limits in December, but he has avoided organizing elections. Instead, he seems intent on holding onto power indefinitely.


Part 2: The DRC’s Oversight Institutions: How Independent?

October 5, 2016

The ability of key institutions to serve as a check and balance on executive authority is a measure of the health of any democracy. This review assesses the state of such institutions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and their capacity for ensuring a participatory and even-handed electoral process.


Part 3: Civil Society


Part 4: Security Sector


Part 5: Regional Implications