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MERLN stands for Military Education Research Library Network. It is an extremely powerful online tool that gives you access to databases, publications, policy statements, and other resources on any topic imaginable — like having a world-class library at your fingertips!

MERLN’s extensive electronic resources include the following:

• Military Policy Awareness Links (MiPALs), which provide access to current U.S. Government policy statements on selected key topics, accompanied by additional resources that analyze the topic;

• Digital collections of full-text papers, lectures, and legislation;

• Links to worldwide military library catalogs;

• Links to military journals and publications; and

• Access (password controlled) to seven databases including ProQuest (over 5,000 newspapers, magazines, and journals dating from the mid-1980s to the present), NewspaperDirect Press Display (hundreds of newspapers from around the world in their original language and format), Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre (news and analysis on terrorist activities), Columbia International Affairs Online (comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs, and access to Economist Intelligence Unit country reports), and Periscope (comprehensive weapons systems database).

The MERLN website is open to all. Due to licensing agreements, however, certain databases are available only to ACSS community members. Since 2003, all ACSS academic participants have been issued usernames and passwords. If you have lost or forgotten your account information, or if you participated in an ACSS program before 2003, please contact CCA for new account information. Kindly make sure to include the name and year of the ACSS program you attended in your email.

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