Topical Outreach Programs (TOPS)

TOPS is an ACSS program designed to increase the quality and quantity of communications and networking among ACSS alumni, ACSS and US stakeholders and policymakers.

Under TOPS, the ACSS Communications and Community Affairs (CCA) directorate travels to each African country in which an ACSS community chapter exists (and to selected countries where chapter start-up is imminent) to conduct topical programs for ACSS communities of interest. The programs in each country range in length from half- or full-day symposiums to multi-day programs based on the needs and interests of each community of interest and will be consistent with ACSS standards of academic excellence and relevance. Content of topical programs focuses on U.S. policy and contemporary African security issues and is based on the recommendations of the American Embassy and chapter leadership in each visited country.

In order to increase U.S.government access to ACSS communities of interest in Africa and to expand the pool of experts in TOPS symposiums, COPA is developing partnerships with other USG agencies to promote opportunities for US leaders to meet and engage in 2-way communication with ACSS community members and, through the community members, other influential African leaders.