Community Leadership Conference

The Africa Center Community Leadership Conference Program is an annual conference for ACSS Community leaders throughout Africa. The program has two components:

  • A Continent-wide conference brings key community members together in a forum to exchange ideas and best practices for their Community Chapter Programs, and to receive valuable training to improve their capacity to promote stability and security in their countries. The conference enables participants to share insights on important security issues, discuss strategies to enhance security cooperation around the region, and help the Africa Center remain relevant to the wider security community in Africa. The Continent-wide programs are anticipated to rotate between African and U.S. locations depending on the specific intent and content of each program.
  • Regional Community Leadership Conferences designed to help ACSS community members accomplish the same goals as above but on a regional level. The regional conferences will take place in Africa in countries that have developed strong ACSS community programs.

The CLC program is open to ACSS participants who have actively worked in their countries to establish and maintain relationships with other ACSS community members; and who have sought to maintain a dialogue among and between U.S. and African policymakers and opinion leaders. Guest Speakers and Facilitators are drawn from the United States, Africa and the international community, and may include ACSS faculty, security sector professionals and alumni affairs experts.