The is a secure website that is designed to be used as a collaboration and networking site for participants, community members (alumni), faculty and staff, or those that have participated in Africa Center Programs.

GLOBALNET_HORIZ_RGB is now a member of GlobalNET! GlobalNET is a secure forum that connects defense and security experts across the globe in one collaborative network. It is a trusted network of qualified experts and a focused repository of global knowledge. GlobalNET enables communication and collaboration between students, practitioners, and alumni on topical areas of security cooperation.

To see a translation of the video click play then click the CC button and words will appear on the screen. You can change the language by mousing over the CC and choose the appropriate language.

Here, members can maintain existing contacts, and develop new relationships, with participants from all Africa Center programs held over the last 10 years. contains:

  • Discussion Groups (e.g, subject-matter, Community Chapters, Africa Center Programs)
  • Perspectives Papers by community members
  • Africa Center Program schedules, including outreach events in Africa
  • Links to online databases

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