Date of Inception:

May 2, 2005

Number of Community Members:

73 (as of July 2011)

Chapter Events:

  • TOPS Symposium on “U.S. Sanctions in Somalia” and on “Post-Conflict Reconstruction” (February 2010)
  • East Africa Chapters Regional Conference on “Developing a Regional Security Strategy for East Africa” (August 2009)
  • TOPS Symposium on “Media and Security” (November 2007)
  • Community Leadership Conference (September 2007)
  • Follow-up Community Reunion Meeting (March 2007)
  • Initial Community Meeting: (May 2005)

Chapter President:


Recent Promotions:

Commander Girmay Gebrekidan’s assignment as the Chief of Staff of the UN Police in Juba has been extended through December 2011. He has also been appointed Commander of the Ethiopian Contingent to the UN Mission in Sudan. Commander Gebrekidan attended the East Africa Counterterrorism Seminar in November 2007.

United States Department of State Background Note – Ethiopia