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Africa’s Information Revolution: Implications for Crime, Policing, and Citizen Security

A new Research Paper by Steven Livingston. Africa’s booming information and communications technology sector also has the potential to fill Africa’s security vacuum along multiple tracks, from crowdsourcing community insights about crime hotpots to raising the effectiveness and accountability of weak police forces.

Fragility and State-Society Relations in South Sudan

Two years into South Sudan’s statebuilding effort, Africa’s youngest country faces a variety of trials: the threat of renewed conflict with Sudan, localized ethnic-based insurgencies, violent internal political competition, and weak governance structures. Underlying all of these challenges are fragile state-society relations, which have constrained a national dialogue on needed reforms. Trust in the government can be slowly generated through a concerted effort to build inclusive coalitions of state and nonstate actors, expand independent media, and construct a rules-based political foundation.

Stress-Testing South Africa: The Tenuous Foundations of One of Africa’s Stable States

Worsening political violence in South Africa suggests the country’s potential fragility. Frustration with an uneven pace of change often ignites into violent protest while elite competition for financial and political resources available through the state also drives violence. South Africans still support the democratic process and view the government as legitimate, but future stability will require breaking up the intertwining of political authority and economic opportunity while improving broad-based socioeconomic performance. Download the article: [PDF]

Africa’s Evolving Infosystems: A Pathway to Security and Stability

Political instability and violence in Africa are often the products of rumor and misinformation. Biased newspapers and radio programming, for example, are commonplace conduits of politically divisive causes.

Enhancing Civilian Protection in Peace Operations: Insights from Africa

Recent incidents of systematic rapes in the eastern DRC and continued mass dislocations of populations in Somalia and Sudan have again thrust the issue of civilian protection and the responsibility of international peace operations onto news headlines around the world. Such episodes simultaneously damage the very credibility of peace operations. As home to 40 peace operations in 14 countries since 2000, Africa is at the forefront of grappling with the civilian protection issue.