Kareem I. Oweiss

Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations

Kareem I. Oweiss

Mr. Kareem I. Oweiss is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS). In this capacity, he manages and develops policy and overall guidelines affecting operational functions of the Africa Center. He provides executive and management control over future and current program planning, operations, logistics, security, and information technology in support of ACSS programs and the quality of services and products provided for staff, faculty, and participants.

Prior to assuming his current duties, Mr. Oweiss was the Program Specialist of the Africa Center’s Regional Office for West Africa, located in Dakar, Senegal. As the deputy head of office, he provided management support for all operations of the regional office and coordinated Africa Center programs and activities throughout West Africa. He spearheaded numerous regional office initiatives with the Regional Program Manager on such topics as transnational organized crime and countering violent extremism. Over the a span of 10 years with the Africa Center, including positions as Protocol Advisor and as Operations Specialist, he has supported a vast array major Africa Center programs on and off the African continent.

Mr. Oweiss’ previous experience living and working on the African continent was as the Programme Officer for the Aid Coordination Unit with the United Nations Development Programme in Kigali, Rwanda, seconded to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. For over two years, he supported the Government of Rwanda’s efforts to bolster country ownership of development programs, and enhance coordination and harmonization between bilateral & multilateral donors, international and national NGOs, and the private sector. A significant part of his responsibilities included professionalization of the Development Partners Coordination Group, and planning oversight for annual Development Partners Meetings and the Sixth Africa Governance Forum.

Mr. Oweiss holds a Master of Science in Poverty Reduction and Development Management from the University of Birmingham in the U.K., and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service with a certificate in African Studies from Georgetown University.