Beyond Turf Wars: Managing the Post-Coup Transition in Guinea-Bissau

By International Crisis Group
Updated: 12/28/2012

By International Crisis Group. August 2012.

Sharply differing responses to a 2012 military coup in Guinea-Bissau between West Africa’s regional bloc ECOWAS and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) is impeding stabilization efforts. Both organizations hold points of leverage and influence in Guinea-Bissau to stymie the other, but together they could steer the country through recent years of tumultuous and volatile insecurity marked by high levels of drug trafficking. ECOWAS could use its financial clout and peace mission to push for needed security sector and electoral reforms while the CPLP could work with popular political parties to ensure a credible and participatory election. Guinea-Bissau has been unable to address drug trafficking and various political assassinations, so an international commission of inquiry should also be created to shed light on past abuses that have fed a culture of impunity.

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