ACSS-Lesotho encouraged to continue keeping peace, stability

By Lesotho News Agency
Updated: 10/31/2012

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Maintenance of peace and stability could promote foreign investment in any country which in turn would generate more jobs. The Speaker of the National Assembly Mr. Sephiri Motanyane said this when addressing members of the African Centre of Strategic Studies (ACSS)-Lesotho chapter at a one day symposium held in Maseru today (Wednesday). The symposium was hosted by the United States(U.S) Embassy in Maseru and the Africa Centre Event to discuss the Role of Military in Elections and Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector.

Mr. Motanyane said members of the Lesotho Defence Force(LDF) demonstrated professionalism by upholding the values of Basotho and ensuring that stability is maintained throughout the elections period. ”LDF can now be counted amongst the best military officers as they learn and adapt very easily whenever they are being trained,” he said. He pointed out that he was proud of the support and the role played by LDF to keep peace and stability during the May 26 general polls which resulted in the formation of a new system of ruling in the political history of Lesotho. Mr. Motanyane added that since Lesotho started to interact with the military establishments worldwide particularly with those in the U.S, LDF members showed a lot of professionalism.

Members of the Lesotho Community Chapter of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS), October 30, 2012, in Maseru, Lesotho.

Members of the Lesotho Community Chapter of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ACSS), October 30, 2012, in Maseru, Lesotho.

Speaking at the same occasion U.S Ambassador to Lesotho Mrs. Michele Bond said the work of the ACSS is vital to promote dialogue between Lesotho and the U.S. She said this year’s symposium would address two key areas aimed at strengthening bilateral relations on areas of democracy and security. Mrs. Bond highlighted a responsible role played by LDF in the elections indicating that in terms of democracy, the timing of today’s discussions could not have been better. She expressed hope that LDF will develop its capacity to contribute with its humanitarian efforts and possibly even peacekeeping operations on the African continent.

She further said Lesotho and the U.S will continue to work together to build the LDF skills and its officers so that the military officers serve and protect the interests of Basotho as expressed through their democratic institutions.

On the other hand, the Acting Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Mr. Pitso Makosholo said the Ministry will support ACSS-members in Lesotho to ensure that they achieve their goals. He said the military has to be loyal to the state by ensuring that peace and security are maintained at all times. He however advised the ACSS committee to revisit its programme for the development of ACSS-Lesotho chapter.

ACSS is a U.S. Department of Defence academic organisation that engages African states and institutions through rigorous academic and outreach programme that build strategic capacity and foster long-term, collaborative relationships.

Source: Lesotho News Agency