Angola’s Strategic Cooperation with BRIC Countries

By South Africa Journal of International Affairs
Updated: 09/05/2012

By Ngwenya Kiala. South Africa Institute of International Affairs, May 2011.

Angola’s double digit growth rates have attracted significant amounts of investment from emerging market leaders Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Strong relations with Brazil have been boosted by historical and linguistic ties, whereas China’s vast presence in Angola has been propelled by large amounts of assistance and high level political and diplomatic contact. Meanwhile, Russia has sought “elite” level interactions with Angolan leaders and India has developed a reputation for completing large infrastructure projects, reflecting their interest in greater engagement. Still, both countries lag in terms of their presence in Angola. For its part, Angola has ostensibly emphasized diversification of its economy and human capital development in its engagement with investors, though these aims have been compromised by extensive corruption and minimal levels of accountability.

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