Community Members Author Latest Security Briefs

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Updated: 08/30/2012

ASB22-CoverHow to bring peace in the Great Lakes and the need to build Africa’s airlift capacity are the topics of the latest Africa Security Briefs published by ACSS.

Conflict in Africa’s Great Lakes region persists because of a complex mixture of regional politics, financial incentive, ethic polarization, and weak and illegitimate governance, Rigobert Minani Bihuzo writes in the Africa Security Brief: “Unfinished Business: A Framework for Peace in the Great Lakes.

Bihuzo, a Congolese who is Director of the Jesuit Africa Social Centers Network based in Nairobi, says a lasting solution to the fighting in the Great Lakes will require, among other things, ending support to proxy militias and a sustained effort to rebuild a functioning, legitimate state in the DRC.

African states’ ability to respond to security challenges such as transnational threats or natural disasters is severely constrained by limited airlift capacity according to the Africa Security Brief: “Building Africa’s Airlift Capacity: A Strategy for Enhancing Military Effectiveness.

Addressing Africa’s immediate security concerns while simultaneously building long-term airlift capacity requires African states, RECs, and the AU to advance a combination of measures outlined in the brief, co-authored by ACSS alumnus Col. Birame Diop, Regional Director of the African Institute for Security Sector Transformation in Dakar and member of the Senegalese Air Force.

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