Africa Center’s Dempsey Discusses Mali Crisis on BBC

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Updated: 04/06/2012

Mr. Tom DempseyThomas Dempsey, assistant professor of security studies at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, analyses the crisis in northern Mali during an interview April 2, 2012, with World Today, a breakfast program of BBC World Service radio. Dempsey argued that beyond the Tuareg’s rebellion, the northern region exemplifies the total collapse of government services, and no one can predict what comes next. He was also reluctant to draw any strong relationship between the insurgency in the North and the recent coup in Bamako. The Africa Center is the pre-eminent Department of Defense institution for strategic security studies, research, and outreach in Africa. ACSS offers a range of academic symposiums, workshops, and programs throughout Africa, the United States, and Europe. Since 1999, more than 4,500 African and international leaders have participated in ACSS programs.

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