Media Review for July 15, 2011

By Africa Center Media Review
Updated: 07/15/2011

Please note: The following news items are presented here for informational purposes. The views expressed within them are those of the authors and/or individuals quoted, not those of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, the National Defense University, or the Department of Defense.

Today’s News

U.S. Warns of Dark Path Ahead Without Cooperation in Sudan
As South Sudan was admitted as the 193rd member of the United Nations on Thursday, officials in Washington said the hard work in the fragile new country has just begun. “[The U.S.] has stood with the peoples of Sudan throughout these struggles…and we must remain involved until there is lasting peace in the region,” U.S. Senator John Kerry said at a special Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing here Thursday. IPS

Analyst Welcomes Sudan Darfur Rebel Peace Deal
Ali Ali-Dinar, president of the Darfur Alert Coalition says the agreement will test President Bashir’s commitment to lasting peace in Darfur. [...]Professor Ali Ali-Dinar, president of the Darfur Alert Coalition and associate director of the African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania said the agreement will test whether President Bashir is committed to lasting peace in Darfur or not. VOA

The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia
Nestled in a back corner of Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport is a sprawling walled compound run by the Central Intelligence Agency.[...]At the facility, the CIA runs a counterterrorism training program for Somali intelligence agents and operatives aimed at building an indigenous strike force capable of snatch operations and targeted “combat” operations against members of Al Shabab, an Islamic militant group with close ties to Al Qaeda. The Nation

Antiaircraft Missiles On the Loose in Libya
Five months after the armed uprising erupted in Libya, a new round of portable antiaircraft missiles — weapons that governments fear could be obtained by terrorists and then fired at civilian jetliners — have been slipping from storage bunkers captured by rebels. The New York Times

Rwanda: Gen. Kagame reshuffles military chiefs
Rwandan President Kagame has reshuffled top intelligence and security officers, removing Col. Dr. Emmanuel Ndahiro from the country’s top intelligence position.
Col. Ndahiro has been replaced by Maj. Gen. Karenzi Karake as the Director General of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). Gen. Karake, who was last placed under house arrest for indiscipline, replaces Col. Ndahiro who took over from Col. Patrick Karegyeya, who fled the country and now lives in exile. Daily Monitor

Marine deployed to Morocco for exercise African Lion
The sun had barely peeked over the horizon when the stillness was shattered by the roar of artillery. Marine Reserve 1st Sgt. Kevin L. Watson crawled out of his tent into the southern Moroccan morning to begin another day. Watson is the son of Cassandra Watson, of Bybrook Drive, Cape May Beach. He was recently deployed to Morocco supporting exercise African Lion 2011. Shore News Today

NATO leaders discuss Libya in Istanbul
Representatives of the leading countries in the NATO-led coalition’s campaign in Libya are meeting in Istanbul to discuss the conflict amid hopes that rebels could be closer to toppling Muammar Gaddafi from power. Aljazeera

Libya Contact Meeting Seeks Gaddafi’s Exit To End War
Western and Arab powers began talks in Turkey on Friday aimed at finding a political solution for Libya that would persuade Muammar Gaddafi to give up power and end a conflict that could otherwise drag on interminably. The fourth meeting of the Libya contact group, established in London in March, comes after reports suggesting Gaddafi might be ready to give up his 41-year rule if he could get a deal. The Huffington Post

Angela Merkel: What Explains Her Unexpected Position on Libya?
When the Merkel government abstained from the U.N. Security Council vote on using military force against Muammar Qaddafi, many international observers were shocked. In the election campaign of 2005, Merkel had lambasted then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder for damaging the transatlantic alliance by opting out of Washington’s plan to topple Saddam Hussein. But, when it came to Libya, Merkel not only refused to participate militarily, she abstained from the vote altogether. The New republic

After 85 killed, Congo pulls airline’s licence
Congo’s ministry of transport has cancelled the licence of the country’s largest airline after a crash last week killed 85 people. Times Live

Wade proposes early presidential elections
Senegal may hold early elections after President Abdoulaye Wade proposed moving next February’s scheduled election to an earlier date following criticism from the opposition. He said, however, that he “remains committed” to the current timetable. France 24

The Risks Of Senegal’s David And Goliath Battle Over Fishing Rights
Massive fishing ships from virtually all the major world powers are draining a way of life from the local fishing-based economy. It could also presage larger geopolitical battles to come. Worldcrunch – Le Monde

The return of Mugabe’s propagandist
The growing influence and political resurrection of former Zimbabwe minister of information Jonathan Moyo in the past seven months is sharpening the bitter factional battle within Zanu-PF. Mail and Guardian

Swaziland’s Silent HIV Epidemic
Swaziland has the highest HIV prevalence in the world, with nearly a fifth of the population infected. The per capita numbers dwarf even other highly affected sub-Saharan countries such as South Africa and Botswana. One might expect HIV to slap you in the face. But there are no buildings collapsed by an HIV earthquake, no towns flooded by an HIV tsunami. No zombie-sick people dripping HIV from their eyeballs. You don’t see obvious signs of it outside of the clinics and hospitals or the privacy of homesteads. Foreign Policy

Malawi: UK Ends Aid
The UK yesterday announced an immediate suspension of all general budgetary support to Malawi. The International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said the decision was based on concerns upon matters of governance and accountability such as suppression of freedom of expression, chronic fuel shortages and a deteriorated tobacco industry. allAfrica

Egypt’s Fundamentalist Summer
Before this spring’s Egyptian revolution, Salafis—adherents to a fundamentalist approach to Islam influenced by Saudi Arabia—eschewed politics. They declared democracy to be un-Islamic and instead said Muslims had a duty to follow a nation’s leaders, even if they were dictatorial. In return for staying out of politics, their sheiks—religious leaders—were given broad influence in Egypt’s religious discourse. Now the ultraconservatives are among the many disparate groups fighting for a piece of the political pie. Slate

The forgotten people of Africa’s famine cry out for aid
It is a long walk from Fini village to Dadaab, the Kenyan refugee camp now the focus of attempts to save millions of people from starving to death in the Horn of Africa. The telegraph

Kenya to open new camp on Somali border
Kenya has agreed to open a new camp near its border with Somalia to cope with the influx of refugees fleeing the region’s worst drought in 60 years. The lfo II camp in Dabaab will open its doors to 80,000 refugees within 10 days, the Kenyan government said. Aljazeera

Burkina Faso Discharges Hundreds of Soldiers for Attempted Mutiny
Burkina Faso has dismissed 566 soldiers linked to a wave of mutiny attempts between April and last month. An army official said Thursday, 217 soldiers are facing prosecution on charges of inciting public rowdiness, and failing to respect military duties. VOA

Ex-speaker is Egypt’s camel man
Egypt’s upper house speaker under ousted president Hosni Mubarak was the mastermind behind organised attacks by loyalists riding camels on anti-regime protesters, investigators said on Thursday. A fact-finding committee looking into the uprising’s most bizarre scene when Mubarak loyalists charged protesters on horses and camels, said Safwat al-Sherif had orchestrated the plan, the official MENA news agency reported. News 24

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