Other Reads on maritime Security

By Africa Center for Strategic Studies
Updated: 02/23/2011

Legal and Policy Dimensions of Coastal Zone Monitoring and Control: The Case in Ghana. By Ali Kamal-Deen. Ocean Development & International Law, 2004.

The author outlines the challenges to coastal zone monitoring and control in Ghana, as well as the technological tools (and their legal implications) available to relevant security sectors. A well-written case study from the perspective of a member of the Ghanaian armed forces. [PDF]

The Maritime Security Quandary in the Horn of Africa Region: Causes, Consequences, and Responses. By Thean Potgieter. Hanns Seidel Foundation, Kenya. 2008.

This article focuses on Somalia-related off-shore security challenges with a discussion of the causes of maritime security challenges in the wider region. [PDF]


Enhancing Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea. By Raymond Gilpin. Strategic Insights, 2007.

A brief overview of the maritime security challenges in the Gulf of Guinea, followed by a call for greater regional cooperation and civic engagement. The autho highlights the human security implications (economic losses, trade and shipping, and in relation to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals) of the maritime security challenge in Africa. [PDF]